Under the umbrella of Wise Learning Services, a Colombian Corporation specialising in provide services in the 5 most common languages in the Western World, (English , French, Portuguese, Italian, German plus Russian, Dutch and Swedish and of Course, Spanish for Foreigners ( Classes, Translations, Interpretation) we have created a sister company known as “WLS. – Spanish4All”


WLS - Spanish4All is a new venture focused on educational tourism, a fantastic experience that combines discovery one of the richest and most exotic countries of the world together with learning Spanish while you experience Magic Realism Land because Colombia is a Country where


The Only Risk is wanting to Stay!!!!!



WLS – Spanish4All has created a 75 hours program combined with tourism in 4 different cities of Colombia.

1st Week


Enjoy all the sophistication and a spectacular setting, tall green mountains and well preserved Spanish Architecture and upmarket districts with very compelling post-modern constructions.

2nd Week

Leticia, Amazon - Colombia

The savage beauty of wild animals and the most amazing flora in a fascinating environment will leave you amazed at a region which are “The Lungs of the World”.


3rd. Week

Armenia – Colombia

The land of Juan Valdez and smoothest coffee in the world, astonishing landscapes, wax palm, orchids and the gentle breeze from the Andes.


4th Week

Cartagena de Indias – Colombia

The Jewel in the Crown”, Queen of the Caribbean Coast a superbly well preserved 13Kms old stoned walls city, it seizes you in its aged clutches and refuses to let you go .


During these 4 weeks you will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish through a very approachable program focused on your special needs with people from all over the world and living a “once in a life time” opportunity, an intellectual challenge and an exotic holiday .